An Introduction

After the 45th President was elected, and subsequently pulled the US from the Paris Climate Accord, I felt helpless.  The new administration seemed to have no desire to protect the environment—quite the opposite, in fact.  What could I do?

I remembered, in my time of distress, a video that my sister had sent me a couple years ago.  It was a TED talk by a girl who had produced only a mason jar’s worth of trash in 3 years.  This video had introduced me to something called the Zero Waste movement.  I revisited it in earnest, reading and watching everything I could find on the subject.

What I got out of my research, above all else, was the idea that we vote with our money every day, and the way we spend it has a huge impact.  The world is driven by the consumer economy, so what happens when you open your eyes to the reality of the impact of your personal consumption?

This sent me down the rabbit hole of plastic pollution, composting, internet vegans, minimalism, garbage islands, and became the subject of many, many fascinating conversations.  I questioned everything, and my whole worldview changed.

I generally avoid Facebook at all costs, but I was so excited by all the new things I was learning that I started posting about waste and sustainable living.  A lot.  I had so much to say that I started to think: maybe I should…start a blog???

So here we are.  This will not be a blog that has photos of fancy food or yet another place to showcase life’s “perfect moments” on the internet.  We’re keeping it real here.  The ultimate goal for this blog is to reach more people than I can on Facebook.  If I can make one person think differently about their impact, I’ll be happy.  Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll stick around.