I Want YOU To Come To The Climate Strike

87DE3A0E-C0FF-4AE4-AB23-E206DF6C15B2As many of you know, the Student Climate Strike is this Friday. This global protest is meant to send a resounding message to world leaders about what the youth want for their future. Whether you are already planning to go, or are on the fence, I hope this post will motivate you to join us on the 20th.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of environmental problems. Hearing about global warming was enough to make me shut down, and scramble to do/think about anything else. Change is hard enough when you’re a kid, but hearing the predictions about how the earth would change for the worse really freaked me out. Besides, I figured the adults would take care of it.

Obviously, that did not happen, and now, we find ourselves in the midst of the crisis we thought would come further down the road. Now, I’m an adult. What will I tell the younger generations if I don’t stand up for an inhabitable world today?

But why protest? What is the point of waving signs around and yelling chants and slogans? Does marching in the streets actually do anything?

I protest because I know it means something to physically show up. Not just retweeting something someone else said or using a particular hashtag. This is not the time for armchair activism. I want to physically be there to support the youth leading the Climate Strike. I want to show them that I am taking them and their future seriously.  I want to listen to what they have to say.  I want to show the people around me how important this is to me. That I would drop everything to stand up for the only home we have.

I protest for this stuff because I can’t think of anything more important right now. We don’t get to have dreams for the future when the future is in jeopardy.  In business, politics, sports, entertainment, science, across all sectors, if we don’t have clean air, clean water, or food to eat, nothing can happen. If we are constantly rebuilding from natural disasters, we can’t make progress.  This is about the survival of the human race.


So please, won’t you join us.  If you are unable to, please support the people who will leave work or school later this week.  For those who are striking, thank you for your courage and your integrity.  It will be an honor to stand among you on Friday. I’ll see you in the streets.

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